Accuride International Inc.

For more than 40 years, Accuride International has manufactured exceptional products and provided design, engineering, and value-added integration services to their customers. Founded by Fred Jordan in 1962, the company started out as a small tool and die shop producing ball bearing slides for the electromechanical industry. The smooth movement and design accuracy appealed to other industries—soon Accuride, its products, and services expanded.

Today, Accuride has grown to encompass more than 1 million square feet of manufacturing space in six locations around the world. With an industry reputation for exceptional quality and precision, Accuride partners with a wide range of businesses designing products and services for a multitude of applications.

Slides for Electronic Enclosures /
Rack Mounting
Accuride's server slide collection offers a
selection of solutions for chassis ranging
in size from 1U to 8U.
Rack Mounting Accessories
Brackets, bar nuts, and rack mount accessories, all RoHS compliant - prevents sagging and tangling of cable at the rear of chassis.
Light Duty Slides
Used for many applications including displays, workstations, medical equipment, toolboxes, laboratory furniture, and store fixtures.
Medium Duty Slides
Suitable for medium-duty industrial storage trays or shelves, electronic enclosures, and general industrial applications.
Heavy Duty Slides
For use in medical equipment, electromechanical applications, electronic enclosures, industrial workstations, and more.
Specialty Slide Products
Use aluminum & stainless steel tracks, re-circulating ball carriages, push-to-operate mechanical lifts, and locking handle kits for a variety of applications.
20 Series Products
The 20 Series is a complete family of slides with common mounting characteristics, designed specifically for use in metal applications.
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