The Original - Heli-Coil inserts are renowned as The Original wire thread insert that are incorporated in softer metallic materials to give them steel like thread performance. This has enabled industries to be able to use lighter weight materials such as Aluminum without having to give up thread strength of their fasteners.

Available in both tanged and tangless. Two basic types of inserts: free-running and screw-locking.
Tooling includes pneumatic power tools, electronic power tools, and an assortment of hand tools. Available for tanged and tangless inserts.
Simple-to-use tang break-off tools available in pneumatic and hand styles. Extraction tools are suitable for tanged and tangless Inserts.
Restore stripped threads easily and permanently with thread repair kits and master sets. Kits include all materials needed to complete the job.
STI taps available in a number of configurations depending on your needs. Full array of gages ensures tapped holes are to specification.
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