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Hi-Tech Fasteners, Inc.

Other Manufacturers We Represent

Hi-Tech Fasteners, Inc. distributes fasteners, electronic components, adhesives and hardware for a wide variety of manufacturers. We have listed many of the manufacturers below with links to their sites. For a complete list of manufacturers, please contact us for a line card by calling 1.800.466.1940 or using our online Contact Us form.

3M3MTapes & Adhesives; Abrasives
BradyBrady Worldwide Inc.Barcode labeling materials, label design software, data collection devices
Bumper SpecialtiesBumper SpecialtiesBumpers - Conical,
Hemispherical, Square, & more
Carey Manufacturing IncCarey Manufacturinghandles, spacers, standoffs, knobs, lugs, washers, stampings, latches, catches
Concord ElectronicsConcord ElectronicsTest accessories, jumpers, plugs, binding posts, cords & cord sets
FerriShieldFerrishieldBisected ferrite snaps, EMI/RFI control clamps & ferrite beads
HeycoHeycoStrain reliefs, bushings, grommets, clamps, spacers
LYN-Tron IncLyn-TronStandoffs, spacers, terminals, panel & mounting hardware
Micro Plastics, Inc.Micro Plastics, Inc.Bushings, grommets, plastic fasteners
PanduitPanduitCable ties, terminals, tubing, wiring devices, raceways
PSMPSMThreaded Inserts for Plastics
RAF Electronic HardwareRAF Electronic HardwareSpacers, standoffs, captive screws, washers, handles, ferrules
SealconSealconstrain relief bushings, circular connectors
SeastromSeastromWashers, plugs, clips, clamps, insulators, buss bars, stampings
Superior WasherSuperior WasherFlat washers & shims
Thomas & Betts ElectricalThomas & Betts ElectricalCable ties, connectors, terminals, fittings, boxes & covers
UnicorpUnicorpStandoffs, spacers, handles, captive screws, washers & ferrules
VMPVMPThreaded, brass, stainless, and injection molded inserts
GripnailGripnailGrip-nails, metal tacks, and power point pins to attach light metal sheets