PEM / Penn Engineering

PennEngineering companies provide fastener and fastener installation design and product solutions worldwide for diverse industries, including electronics, computer, data/telecom, medical, automotive, marine, aircraft, and general manufacturing.

The Company develops and manufactures PEM® fasteners, SI® inserts, Atlas® blind threaded inserts, PEMSERTER® automatic and manual fastener-installation presses, 3V® precision aircraft and aerospace fasteners, and QRP® quick release pins.

Self-clinching fasteners are pressed into sheetmetal panels as thin as .016"/0.4mm.
Broaching fasteners are pressed into PC board or other plastic materials as thin as .060"/1.53mm.
Surface mounted fasteners on tape and reel are soldered to a PC board in the same way as other surface mount components.
These fasteners can be installed into almost any rigid type of panel.
Self-Locating Projection Weld Nuts are designed specially to be welded into place.
These inserts are typically specified in applications where strong, durable metal threads are required in plastic