POP® Blind Rivets

POP rivets are used in a numerous applications to secure two or more components together. Typically used in sheet type products, the POP rivet is easily installed with access only required from one side of the assembly.

From open-end rivets to high strength rivets, from general purpose to high clamp assemblies or from softer and brittle materials to thin sheet metal, POP blind rivets are available in a variety of styles. Whether you're designing aircraft, automobiles, appliances, truck trailers, HVAC systems, overhead doors, lighting, ceilings, personal watercraft, or RVs, POP has the rivet for you.

Closed-End Rivets
An exclusive POP rivet design, this rivet type incorporates a unique cup-shaped end configuration that seals tight, preventing passage of vapor or liquid.
Easy-Entry Rivets
With a new innovative "Cone Head" mandrel point, Easy-Entry rivets line up odd-shaped or misaligned holes in multiple sheets of material.
Grip Tite™ Rivets
Steel domed head rivets designed to provide excellent mandrel retention for vibration resistance and an expanded footprint on the blind side.
High-Retention (HR) Rivets
Ideal for metal and plastic-to-metal applications. Unique rib design accommodates larger primary holes in plastic and thin sheet metal.
High-Strength (HS) Rivets
The POP high-strength blind rivet is a domed high-strength fastener designed to provide superior shear and tensile strength.
Load Spreading (LSR/LS) Rivets
Load Spreading (LSR/LS) Rivets are designed especially for plastics and other brittle or soft materials, with a secondary head that forms large "folds."
Micro Rivets
These 2mm diameter open-end rivets are are some of the smallest blind breakstem rivets available, designed for circuit board manufacturers & assemblers.
Multi-Grip Rivets
These rivets have a wide grip range to serve in applications where different material thicknesses normally require several rivet sizes.
Open-End Rivets
Open-end rivets, when set, resemble conventional tubular rivets - but the mandrel head is retained within the body of the rivet.
Pull-Thru (PT) Rivets
The PT rivet is a steel countersunk blind fastener designed to set surface flush on both sides of an application (blind side protrusion < 0.4mm/0.015").
Soft-Set Rivets
Almost identical in appearance to our regular open-end rivets, POP soft-set rivets incorporate a body and mandrel of special soft aluminum alloy.
Tri-Fold (T) Rivets
T rivets are designed for high-strength applications. They have exceptional pull-up properties, tensile strength up to 1100 lbs., and shear strength up to 2400 lbs.
Ultra-Grip® (UG) Rivets
POP's High-strength UG rivets with positive mechanical locking system provide superior holding power over other high-strength rivets.
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