Richco, Inc.

As innovative designers and manufacturers of the world's most comprehensive array of plastic component solutions, Richco specializes in plastic fasteners, circuit board hardware, wire routing products, cable ties, clips, clamps, metal and plastic grommets, fiber optics, and telecommunication accessories. Richco is your one-stop shop for virtually all your fastening needs.

Richco's vast array of product offerings address specific application needs within electronics, computer, consumer goods, telecom/datacom, and contract manufacturing industries. In addition to their dedication to new product development, they are committed to providing unsurpassed engineering assistance and technical advice in selecting the right plastic component, then delivering them when you need them.

Circuit Board Hardware
Offering a range of products for printed circuit boards (PCBs), which aid the support, spacing, locking & guiding of the board - including snap-in, screw-mount & adhesive supports.
Card Guides & Pullers
Vertical, horizontal & tensioning PC board rack card guides; pullers & ejectors - designed to solve difficult PCB insertion & extraction problems.
Rivets, Screws, Washers & Nuts
An array of snap-in, push, blind hole & unscrewing rivets; as well as plastic rivets, screws, washers, & nuts to help secure and fasten components and/or panels to a wide variety of materials.
Motion Control Bumpers & Feet
A range of rotary & axis dampers, door latches that act as a 'push/pull' locking and unlocking device, molded rubber bumpers, and rivet-fastened push-on feet for shock absorption.
Fan Accessories
Offering a wide variety of fan mounting, protection, vibration dampening and filtration products including screens, guards, filters, and other accessories for fans.
LED Hardware
Range of LED hardware components are designed to protect and support LEDs and also aid in the transmission of light to front panel indicators.
a range of fuse covers and plastic transistor insulating sleeves, mounts, rings, splashproof insulators, and pads that will fit most standard transistors, fuses, and other electrical components.
Cable Ties & Accessories
Cable tie options include push-in arrowhead mount cable ties, screw mount cable ties, hook and loop cable ties, releasable cable ties, marker and heavy duty cable ties.
Cable Management
Variety of cable clamps, wire clamps, and hose clamps. These parts have a wide variety of mounting methods including self-adhesive tape, screws, rivets, blind hole, and push through arrowhead designs.
Fiber Management
An extensive range of fiber optic management products which meet the requirements of telecom and datacom applications at all levels of fiber optic equipment.
Grommets & Bushings
Wide range of metal & plastic grommeting strips, plug-in grommets, and bushings are designed to protect cabling against sharp edges, especially where vibration is an issue.
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