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Dodge inserts are used by many industries as a means to give Metallic Thread performance in a plastic part. The inserts can be insert molded or post mold assembled to most plastics and are an enabler to transform many parts from metallic to plastic.

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The Original - Heli-Coil inserts are renowned as The Original wire thread insert that are incorporated in softer metallic materials to give them steel like thread performance. This has enabled industries to be able to use lighter weight materials such as Aluminum without having to give up thread strength of their fasteners.

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POP AVDEL rivets are used in a numerous applications to secure two or more components together. Typically used in sheet type products, the POP rivet is easily installed with access only required from one side of the assembly.

From open-end rivets to high strength rivets, from general purpose to high clamp assemblies or from softer and brittle materials to thin sheet metal, POP AVDEL blind rivets are available in a variety of styles. Whether you're designing aircraft, automobiles, appliances, truck trailers, HVAC systems, overhead doors, lighting, ceilings, personal watercraft, or RVs, POP AVDEL has the rivet for you.

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Spiralock is a technologically superior fastening system ideally suited for threaded joint applications subjected to heavy shock and vibration, extreme temperatures, long hours of strenuous operation, and millions of loading cycles without the opportunity for retightening.

Spiralock products include flange nuts, self-clinching nuts, tanged and Drive Notch (tang-free) wire thread inserts, threaded inserts, threading inserts, taps and gages, and thread milling cutters as well as a variety of custom-made products that meet our customers' needs.